Support During Pregnancy

Options supports women who are facing pregnancy under difficult circumstances, or who simply wish to have the encouragement of a supportive and confidential environment during pregnancy through our pregnancy support group.  Please contact us if you woud like to learn more about this group.

The prospect of single parenting can be daunting for many, and Options seeks to provide special support single mums-to-be through advice on benefits and accommodation, and Flat-Share coordination for single mums.

Other areas of pregnancy support include:

* Free Clothes and Baby Equipment: A variety of good quality items available for those on a low income.

Advice on benefits and accommodation: Do your eyes glaze over filling out forms? Here's help with the    maze of benefits and housing rights.

* Parenting classes for mums-to-be

* Flat-Share for Single Mums: For those seeking housing solutions, Options seeks to put single mums      and mums-to-be in touch for the purpose of arranging a flat-share.

* Adoption advice for birth mothers: Options also offers support throughout pregnancy and beyond for women who are seeking to place their child for adoption.

    I can't say enough how helpful and supportive visiting Options has been for me. Having someone to talk to, someone I could trust and someone who cared, at a time when I felt like no one else did, helped me to deal with things in my own time and confront all of the issues I'd struggled with for so long. I would strongly recommend Options to women considering help or advice and have already done to others!
    An Options Client

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