Miscarriage Support

After a miscarriage, many women and their partners feel the need to grieve.  At the same time, friends and family members might have difficulty understanding this need.  Perhaps very few people knew about the pregnancy, or perhaps no one knew.  When a miscarriage takes place within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is likely that a couple might not have told many friends and loved ones that they were expecting, and therefore no one knows to ask about the pregnancy, and consequently a couple may feel that they are grieving in isolation.  Sadness, shock, grief, and even feelings of devastation are very normal in the days and months following a miscarriage, and bereavement support can be an invaluable factor in facing the days ahead and bring restored hope for the future.  For women who have suffered a miscarriage, Options offers bereavement support through Step by Step, a 12-week programme.  Please contact us to find out more about Step by Step.

    It was so helpful to meet other women who have gone through the same thing - I'd been waiting for this for a while.
    A Client from The Group Support Programme

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