Thoughts from the counselling room....

Coming to counselling is a big step, and for many, taking this step requires great courage.  Once the process has started, everything becomes easier.  It's likely that you'll find that coming to counselling is easier than you ever expected!

One of Options most valuable resources is our volunteer counsellors.  Each of our counsellors has a warm and compassionate heart to offer support and care to those who are hurting, struggling or confused.  Many of our counsellors have been right where you are -- alone, afraid, struggling.  Each of them has her own story, whether it includes unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy termination, miscarriage, or other life struggles.  Their own journies of pain, heartache, healing and hope have led them to become trained volunteers who reach out.

Recently, I interviewed one of our counsellors, and asked her to share her thoughts on unplanned pregnancy counselling.  Here is what she said:

"We all need space and time to unravel our thoughts in order to make sense of them - especially when most of our thoughts are arguing amonst themselves and making it more and more confusing and difficult for us.

I know how important it is for each one of us to feel listened to, taken seriously and understood in order to make the right decision so it is my privilege to listen to anyone who comes to Options, to give you the time and space to make sense of your thoughts and your feelings - so that you are able to make the decision you feel most comfortable with in your situation.

It's why we call ourselves 'Options' after all  :-)

One thing I have learnt from life is that: "Life isn't easy".  Oh, it may look easy for 'everyone out there' but we never see the real struggles that most of us have to deal with and the challenging situations most of us are faced with as we live out our lives - and when it comes to challenging situations, they don't come more difficult as to what to do about an unplanned pregnancy!  If you are in that situation I understand that there are often a multitude of conflicting thoughts swirling around - all wanting to be listened to and considered but causing confusion, and uncertainty at the same time.

As a counsellor I cannot tell anyone what decision to make.  Only you can decide - but it is my privilege to be a bouncing board, to give your doubts, your fears, your thoughts and your feelings an opportunity to be heard, and to provide you with the support, encouragement and love you need to make it through this time."


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