The Freedom of Forgiveness

The Freedom of Forgiveness


What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness involves facing the pain caused by others and by ourselves, then choosing to let it go - releasing the hurt within.

We need an understanding that everyone makes mistakes, but it is our choice what we do about them.  We can choose either to punish ourselves and others, or to forgive and let the pain go, and focus on moving on with life positively.

In forgiving, we are not saying that what happened was OK, or that it was not important, but we accept that forgiveness is based on letting go and not holding things against others or ourselves.

We face a difficulty or hurt, for example.  Perhapse we disappointed ourselves through a decision we made.  Perhaps someone dear to us hase caused hurt or even betrayal.  When we choose to forgive others (or ourselves), we are able to heal and move forward.

It does not mean that we will necessarily feel like forgiving, or that we will "feel" forgiven.  Forgiveness is a conscious decision of our mind and will and it brings freedom.


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