Healing Hearts after Pregnancy Termination and Miscarriage

Many women come to Options seeking support after choosing to terminate a pregnancy.  We offer clients a choice of either one-to-one counselling sessions or group counselling sessions in a recovery programme called The Journey, which is designed to help women experience healing and personal growth on their pathway to recovering from difficult experience or emotions attached to an abortion.  Several years ago, a woman named Cassie** came to Options for post abortion counselling.  Although her abortion was over 10 years ago, she found out about The Journey from a friend, who didn’t actually know she had had an abortion! The reason her friend brought it up to her was because Cassie had just had a miscarriage, and Options offers counselling for miscarriages as well.  Little did her friend know that The Journey would provide Cassie with a way of processing through all the emotions not only related to her miscarriage, but also to her abortion.  For Cassie, it was not until she experienced the loss attached to a miscarriage that she realised she had unresolved emotions attached to her terminated pregnancy as well.  She had begun to reflect on her termination quite a bit, and realised she wanted to speak to someone about it.  She signed up for the counselling sessions and found Options to be a place where she could open up and think through the feelings she’d been carrying around for over 10 years. Perhaps one of the most meaningful moments was when she decided to name the babies she had lost (one to termination and one to miscarriage), and wrote them personal letters.  She admitted the process was difficult, but also extremely liberating. Throughout the sessions she processed through the feelings of guilt and hurt she had, after losing both babies.  Cassie has come a long way in her journey. She now sees both the miscarriage and abortion as parts of her past.  If you, like Cassie, would like to talk through some of what you’ve experienced, do not hesitate to contact Options. We are here to walk a bit of the journey with you.

** Names and other details have been altered or omitted to protect confidentiality





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