Getting through grief . . .

Getting through grief . . .

Grief is a normal step in pregnancy loss recovery process.

Whereas mourning is a public expression of sorrow, grief is a private one.  Each woman being different, each will deal with this in her own way. Let’s take a look at the process of grieving, and then focus on the different aspects grief can take in different individuals.

Grief can be described as a series of consecutive emotions. Here is an overview of what we could label the ‘timeline’ of grief.

1) Shock/denial

2) Sadness/depression

3) Anger/fear/resistance

4) Acceptance

Whereas the first and last steps are relatively unchanging in the grieving process, the second and third ones are often expressed differently depending on the woman who is living with the grief. It is important to let her process through these emotions. Some may keep everything bottled in, whereas others might have the tendency of spilling out their emotions to everyone. Some many become aggressive towards others in their anger, while others may start inflicting self-harm. Each case must be listened to, respected, and addressed appropriately.
Here is a general exercise that might be helpful for any woman going through the process of grief. Close your eyes and visualise your baby without pain. Name your child. Write a letter to your child in order to express your feelings. Do something to remember your loss. This could be done in painting a picture, or writing a poem, or even in choosing something to serve as a personal remembrance of your child (i.e. a necklace, etc).

Exercises aside, the most important step in getting through grief is learning about  "acceptance and letting go". At Options we would love nothing more than to help you along this Journey and provide comfort along the way.  Please reach out to us by phone or email to learn more . . . 


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