From one of our counsellors on The Journey Programme . . .

From one of our counsellors on The Journey Programme . . .

Recently, one of our counsellors shared about her experience working with clients who have experienced pregnancy termination on The Journey Programme.  The Journey is a 10-Step healing programme designed to help women experience healing from grief, guilt, or difficult emotions.  While not all women are affected in the same manner, and some may have no apparent signs of physical or psychological side effects, this programme is for women who have experienced some degree of hurt and is designed to help them find peace, freedom, hope and healing.

From an Options Volunteer Counsellor:

"I have a passion for working with clients going through the journey programme following a pregnancy termination.  It is such a privilege to get to know them and their stories.  I have a real heart for seeing clients come to terms with their abortion experience and come out the other side able to move forward in their lives whilst appropriately remembering their loss(es).  The clients doing the journey are incredibly brave women who are dealing with extremely painful thoughts and emotions, I have so much admiration for their determination to see the journey through and work through tough issues in order to move forward to a place of acceptance and forgiveness.  It is such a joy to walk through the journey with such brave women and to witness them come out the other side with greater hope for the future."


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