Considering Adoption . . .

Some women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy decide that the option of placing their child for adoption is their best option.  If you are exploring this option, you may have questions about what adoption is and how it works.

What is adoption?

Adoption is a way of providing a new family for a child when living with their own family is not possible. If a woman decides on adoption she is able to provide information about herself, the child's birth, early life and why the child was placed for adoption, if she would like to. This  information is incorporated into a “Life Story Book” and can be given to the child in an age appropriate format by the adoption agency, when they feel the time is right. It can also be requested when a young adopted person reaches adulthood. Many women feel grief and a sense of loss when they give up their child for adoption. Some women describe adoption as a life long process, at times feeling guilty for not being able to parent their child, other times feeling grateful that they were able to provide their child with a loving family and the best possible chances for success in life in ways they could not have done alone.

What does adoption mean?

Adoption is when a child legally becomes a member of a new family and has one or two new parents. It is a commitment for life. Contact with the birth family can be maintained, if it is decided that this would be appropriate.  As such, if you do place your child for adoption, it does not necessarily have to mean you are permanently saying goodbye.

What happens?

• The adoption agency is required to provide counselling and information to the birth-parent about the legal procedures and implications of adoption.

• Formal consent for adoption cannot be given until the child is over six weeks old. Informal arrangements with an adoptive family can be in place until then.

• After the child has been with the adoptive parents for at least ten weeks an adoption order can be made.

Once an adoption order has been made it cannot be changed. It is important that you have both practical and emotional support when placing your baby in a new family.  Options is able to support birth-mothers throughout pregnancy and can connect them with support after the birth as well.  Adoption can be a beautiful choice.  If you know that this is something that might be right for you, please get in touch with Options.

Please see Lisa's Story in the video for a real life perspective on why a birthmother chose adoption for her son, or check out for more real life stories from birth parents who chose adoption.


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