Adoption.... is it the right option for you?

Adoption … is it the right option for you?


If you’re faced with an unplanned pregnancy, adoption might not be the first thought that comes to mind.  In popular culture and in the media, we often find that the assumption most people have is you will either have an abortion, or carry to term and parent your baby.

And yet adoption is a viable possibility, and for many people, it's the right option, when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

What is adoption?

Simply put, it is when a child legally becomes a member of a new family. The commitment on the part of the new parents lasts for life.  In some cases contact with the birth family can be maintained if this is thought to be appropriate.

What is the process of adoption?

1) The adoption agency provides the parents with information about the legal procedures of adoption

2) The baby must be at least six weeks old before formal consent for adoption can be given, although informal arrangements can be made with families beforehand.

3) Before the adoption can be officialised, the baby must be with the new family for at least 10 weeks.

Why is adoption often overlooked as a viable option?

Perhaps one of the reasons why adoption is overlooked as an option is because of the emotional pain that can sometimes come with it. Having to separate themselves from their baby after six weeks’ time is often very difficult for mothers.  Furthermore, the period of ten ‘trial’ weeks can prove to be stressful as the baby’s fate is still slightly uncertain. Some women who do not choose parenting as an option may feel they couldn’t survive giving their child to another family to be brought up through adoption.  However, it is important to remember that when facing an unplanned pregnancy, no option guarantees complete freedom from difficult emotions.

When might adoption be a good option?

Among women who have placed a baby with a new family via adoption, it is not uncommon to later reflect with peace and acceptance on this decision.  From their point of view, although the pain was great they give their baby the gift of having a chance to experience life with a loving family. This perspective shouldn’t be overlooked when making a decision.


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