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Options Wimbledon Pregnancy Resource Centre is a Christian charity founded in 2006. Our own experience of God’s love and mercy gives us compassion for others in need of support when facing overwhelming circumstances and loss through pregnancy. We welcome people of all faiths and of none. At Options we recognise the value of each individual and do not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

All our advisors are trained in crisis pregnancy advice and post-abortion/miscarriage support. They receive on-going supervision, training and development.

Options Wimbledon is not an abortion provider and does not make referrals to any abortion provider. However, Options Wimbledon Pregnancy Resource Centre is committed to showing care and compassion for women who chose to terminate a pregnancy. We offer both 1 to 1 and group support for women who struggle with difficult feelings after an abortion.

Options Wimbledon Pregnancy Resource Centre is funded by donations from churches and individuals.

Options Wimbledon Pregnancy Resource Centre (Registered Charity No. 1112366) is not affiliated to any other charities or organisations.

    I can't say enough how helpful and supportive visiting Options has been for me. Having someone to talk to, someone I could trust and someone who cared, at a time when I felt like no one else did, helped me to deal with things in my own time and confront all of the issues I'd struggled with for so long. I would strongly recommend Options to women considering help or advice and have already done to others!
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